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“Very clear” is a phrase politicians use when they really do not know what they are supposed to say.

We've known each other for years, one since toddler hood and the other two since middle school.

Now, to be clear, people have different levels of comfort around discussing sex, and that's totally okay.

Something that helped endear him to the brothers and sisters was that he turned up in Liverpool the previous evening and dropped into the Revolution bar in Albert Dock for a drink.

Is she really expected to go to this man who is on record as thinking that women are “idiots” and “just cooking and washing material”?

On the subject of former Liberal Democrats, Mike Hancock, the now party-less MP for Portsmouth South, was to be seen around the House of Commons yesterday, for the first time in a long time.

“British citizens who go abroad to take part in jihad are giving aid and comfort to the Queen’s enemies.

The British public want to see some exemplary prosecutions for treason so that the seriousness of this international terrorist activity can be fully and properly recognised,” he told the Commons.

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